DeVoe Design was made from scratch with four key ingredients: Claire’s extraordinary art quiver; her grandmother, Mrs. Barbara DeVoe; her sewing mentor, Mrs. Peggy Sadelfeld; her life coach, Mr. Bill Kramer. 

Claire has always been a spiritual person and believes you get out of the universe what you put in.  She has vivid childhood memories surfing, sketching, and creating as a young child.  She learned to surf at the age of eight.  She recalls sitting at her little wooden table in the living room of her parent’s house drawing sketches of handbags, swimsuits, clothes and even imaginary hotels like, "The Hawaiian Hut Cafe and Resort."  Claire feels blessed to grow up and turn those childhood dreams into her reality. 

The journey of DeVoe Design started when Claire’s grandmother graciously passed down her Husqvarna sewing machine.  This led to Claire reaching out to a former high school teacher, Mrs. Peggy Sadelfeld; after just a few sewing lessons Claire was hooked.  Claire would drive six hours just for lessons from her amazing mentor who is a master in her trade.  Mrs. Sadelfeld not only gave Claire the skill set she needed to make her dream a reality, she empowered her with grace, patience, perseverance, and faith which is why Mrs. Peggy Sadelfeld is of paramount importance to DeVoe Design.  In no time at all, Claire felt compelled to begin designing her own fabrics. 

On a random visit to Peggy Sadelfeld’s house, Coach Bill Kramer noticed fabrics sitting on a table.  When he found out that Claire DeVoe Rooney had created them he immediately sent Claire a text message saying, "Claire, Go for broke."  That was that.  DeVoe Design was born, and Claire was diving in head first. Claire is grateful to be able to create one of a kind art pieces that she can transform into prints from which she produces luxury swimwear, functional art, apparel and much more!

DeVoe Design is simply an outlet for Claire, returning her creative energy to the universe with grace and gratitude. 

DeVoe Design is based in Jacksonville, Florida.